Monday, June 28, 2010

Boycott BP Gas Stations Today

Over one millions gallons of oil have spilled into the Gulf due to negligence of BP and Americans are still purchasing gas at BP stations? I can not believe anyone driving into one of those green and yellow stations and giving them money. The only way to get them to stop the flow of oil and clean up this mess is to hurt thir ability to earn money and their stock. The stock goes low enough they will get to their pain threshold and get the work done faster. You MUST boycott BP gas stations now today. Its a crime that Americans nationwide arent outraged over this incident and calling for the same in every state, town, and city where BP has a presence. This has to get started now and gain momentum. The faster it gets started the faster they will cap the broken pipe and the faster we can get a clean up and the people whos lives depend on the Gulf for their livelyhood can get back to working and profiding for their families. Now, after you have read this and are ready to take action you need to start thinking seriously about getting a custom adult site from Teleteria and start making money from home with no commute and no threat of job loss. Less stress and better quality of life. Its short we need to make it now while we can and enjoy the fruits major wealth can bring. I am Jay Servidio founder President and CEO of Teleteria and thats my story today.